Why Continental

Why Continental


For more than 140 years, we have building tires: small ones, thin ones, big ones, fast ones. We grant people trust, reliability and safety. This allows you to focus on the important things in your life - like being a parent, spending quality time with your friends and loved ones.

 We care about tires. Therefore, you do not have to.

We are trustworthy

By doing the best, we can day by day. That is why Continental has always been about people who make our tires roll. Every one of us takes on the responsibility to deliver the best and safest products.

We are striving for excellence

That is about pursuing innovation, creating something outstanding according to the most demanding standards of them all: our own.  

We are passionate

For us tires are not only black and round rubber. They are endless possibilities. We are obsessed about every little detail, every choice of material, and every innovation that will make a big difference.

We are striving for safety

Safety is more than a word. It is our mission. Every day we do everything we can to make our products more secure, so you can take the safe route to wherever you are going.

We boost your confidence

With us, you can feel confident. We give you certainty, so that you can go wherever life may take you – gearing yourself up for every challenge along the way. Because we take care of you. Therefore, you can rest assured and concentrate on what matters most.

We guarantee you quality

Our tires circle the world 5.000 times, every year, before they are good enough for everyday life. With our tires we provide safety, confidence and reassurance. Our tires are German engineered and tested. We are going beyond tires and help to shape the future.

Why Continental

We strive for nothing less than excellence.

Since its founding 1871, Continental works for one goal: Bringing safety to the streets without compromises in driving comfort and pleasure. From the first tread pattern tire in the world to the visionary Conti.eContact and our innovations in automotive safety – for over 140 years, we are constantly developing our expertise in mobility, transport and processing. As you read this, over 200.000 highly skilled employees in 53 countries are working for that objective.

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