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You can read off the tire size on the sidewall of the tires or read the operating instructions for your vehicle.


Best In Braking Best In Know-How

Best In Braking Best In Know-How

Best In Braking Best In Know-How

Curiosity is our main driver

Continental understands the streets of the world – and how to brake on them. Every day, we put all of our passion and experience into the development of our innovations. Manufactured of only the highest quality materials, we are setting standards with every new product.

How? By applying the knowledge of our innovations to every new design: Our high performance tires give us deep insights on how to develop a safer driving experience for everyday use. Technologies used in the Conti.eContact™ will help regular cars to be more efficient in the future. The ContiSeal™-principle made its way from the drawing board to being unstoppable on the road. Just a few examples why Continental is one of the Best in Braking.

And just one reason to it: We never stop exploring.