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You can read off the tire size on the sidewall of the tires or read the operating instructions for your vehicle.


Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Step right up and get electrified! Our mission is to make you e-ready, with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to power up your ride. Whether you're cruising down the street or hitting the highway, we've got you covered with everything you need to take on the road with confidence and style

Powering Your Electric Ride with Innovative Continental Tires

Continental Tires is committed to driving the future of mobility

As electric vehicles gain popularity, we're dedicated to creating innovative tire solutions that meet the unique demands of electric driving.
We recognize that electric vehicles require tires that can handle the unique demands of electric propulsion systems, such as high torque and heavy battery weight.
That's why Continental has been working on new technologies for electric vehicle tires that enhance performance, efficiency, and safety.

Developing cutting-edge tire technology for electric vehicles:


Reduced Rolling Resistance

Our innovative tires for electric vehicles are designed with lower rolling resistance, which reduces energy consumption and increases driving range.

Enhanced Durability

We've developed new tire compounds and tread designs that can withstand the heavier weight of electric vehicles and the stress of regenerative braking systems.

Noise Reduction

Our electric vehicle tires are engineered to reduce noise levels, creating a quieter and more comfortable ride for passengers.

Smart Tire Technology: We're exploring new technologies, such as sensors and connectivity, that can provide real-time information about tire performance and condition. This allows drivers to make informed decisions that optimize efficiency, safety, and performance.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of electric mobility, and we're committed to providing tire solutions that deliver exceptional performance and sustainability. Drive into the future with confidence, knowing that your electric ride is powered by innovative Continental tires.

Electric vehicle tires – Everything you need to know

Best tires for electric and hybrid vehicles

Electric vehicles and low-emission hybrid vehicles are transforming mobility as we know it. This means it's time to learn more about the cutting-edge tyres that will keep them rolling towards an emission-free future. While we don't have to reinvent the wheel, some components of the tyre must be addressed to enable maximum performance for electric vehicles. Tire-related needs might range from minimal to major depending on the vehicle design.

EcoContact 6 is our finest electric car tire

The tyre innovation specialists at Continental have risen to the challenges of the mobility revolution. The EcoContact 6, for example, tackles the special difficulties caused by the increased weight of EVs and hybrids. It aids in balancing the requirements for low rolling resistance, good grip, and sturdiness. Furthermore, our other premium tyre lines from Continental, with their cutting-edge tyre technology, already satisfy the tyre criteria for today's electric cars.