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You can read off the tire size on the sidewall of the tires or read the operating instructions for your vehicle.


150 Years Of Innovation

150 Years Of Innovation


From crafting the world’s first patterned tread tire for automobiles to ushering the industry into a new era of self-driving cars, Continental has kept innovation at the heart of its corporate ideology. With a singular objective of facilitating our customers with future forward and sustainable mobility solutions, we have overcome countless obstacles during more than 150 years of our existence. We only plan on pushing forward.

A never-ending tale of innovation 

The world is heading towards smart connectivity and electric mobility. The fact that there is no future without these two, motivates our extraordinary team of scientists and engineers to let their imaginations run free in pursuit of mobility solutions of tomorrow .

A future in which our loved ones are safe from accidents

Keeping road safety, a top priority, has been Continental’s long-standing tradition that has helped us make some major technological breakthroughs. From smart sensors to augmented reality and adapted lighting, our consistent efforts have resulted into significant technological advances that are helping us ensure that your loved ones are safe on the road each time they get behind the wheel.

We only have one earth

In our obsession with technology and innovation, we have not forgotten the fact that we only have one earth. Continental has stayed true to the cause of protecting our environment which is exactly why today, we are able to develop tires made from dandelion that are sustainable and efficient. We are also actively contributing our efforts towards reducing carbon emission by optimizing our tires for lower fuel consumption.