Extended mobility solutions

Stay mobile, whatever happens

If you’re looking for peace of mind while driving, then you’ve come to the right place. Continental offers a range of sophisticated tire technology solutions which enhance ride comfort and ride quality, and mitigate the inconvenience of a flat tire.

Feeling distracted and bothered by excessive road buzz, for example? Then you may want to invest in a set of ContiSilent tires for a calmer, more peaceful journey.

Otherwise we guess you don’t want to be caught short by a sudden loss of air pressure for example because of a damaged tire? We can provide a fast, efficient, and safe fix that will enable you to continue your journey until you get home or reach the next garage. 

SSR – The self supporting runflat tire

The SSR system is a runflat technology developed by Continental especially for low section tires, which keeps the tires compatible with all standard rims.

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Sealing punctures with ContiSeal™

ContiSeal™ is a technology designed to seal a damaged tire tread.

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Spare tires

Spare tires are designed for temporary and limited use in the event of a flat.

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