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SportContact 7 Continental Best Car Tires

SportContact 7

Stick to your dreams. And to the asphalt.

Why Choose this Tire?

  • Gives you confidence with safe and stable driving behaviour on wet and dry surfaces.

  • A perfect interplay of extra-soft Black Chili compound and extra-stiff pattern for long-lasting, next-level driving pleasure.

  • Tailor-made for different vehicle classes to give you the typical SportContact feeling.


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Technical Details

Adapts to all challenges the road has to offer.

Since the driving conditions can change within seconds, you should always rely on a tyre that knows how to react. Due to our adaptive pattern, you experience constantly safe driving behaviour on wet and dry surfaces – even at higher speeds.

Extends your joy of good performance.

Enjoy next-level driving pleasure longer than ever before*. The perfectly balanced interaction of the stiff low-void pattern and the soft Black Chili enables top-notch performance while increasing the mileage of your tyres significantly. *In comparison to its predecessors

Performs great, no matter the size of your car.

As our first tyre that is tailor-made for different vehicle classes and weights, the SportContact 7 gives you the typical SportContact feeling, whenever you start the engine.



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