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CrossContact H/T Continental Best Car Tires

CrossContact H/T

Made for everyday. Ready for the unexpected

Why Choose this Tire?

  • Tackle any everyday driving situation that comes your way with the adaptive multipurpose pattern design − not least where the asphalt ends.

  • Benefit from long-lasting driving pleasure due to improved tread life.

  • Enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride thanks to low road noise.


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Technical Details

When the road ends, this tire just keeps on performing

Whether you’re traveling for business, out with the family or heading for some exercise, the multi-purpose pattern will meet all your needs. Enjoy great driving safety on every trip – even on unmade and uneven surfaces.

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When one adventure ends, many more await you

This tire is built to last. Delivering impressive mileage, the innovative compound offers extraordinary robustness that leaves nothing to be desired, even on unpaved roads and gravel tracks.

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When noise is low, comfort is high

The CrossContact H/T is the perfect choice for long journeys because it makes road noise a thing of the past. The tire’s design and optimized tread pattern make for silence and comfort, not only inside the vehicle but outside too.

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We make you ready for e-mobility.

Our EV-compatible symbol confirms that the tire meets the requirements of electric vehicles as well as cars with combustion or hybrid engines.

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